Monday, January 10, 2011

Various Secret Continents

I have a number of artistically inclined friends, and occasionally they allow me the opportunity to lend assistance with some project or another of theirs. Some time ago, Aleksi Eeben, a musician got inspired to produce a theme album of songs about salamanders. He asked me to supply vocals for one of the songs. (I suppose you can call them that, even though I don't - indeed can't - sing.) Now that the album, Various Secret Continents (you have to speak Finnish to appreciate the pun), is finished, the end result can be heard here.
The Snow Salamander (Feat. Antti Hukkanen) by aleksieeben

If it sounds "gamey", that's no coincidence: the artist cites DoDonPachi as an influence. ^_^

The songs are licensed under a Creative Commons licence, but if you like what you hear, why not buy the whole album? At a dollar a track, it's an inexpensive way to show your appreciation, and the artist is donating all proceeds to the animal welfare association (they care for salamanders too).

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