Friday, January 28, 2011

The Artist in the Family

You, my legions of faithful (if quiet) followers, have undoubtedly wondered with mounting anxiety why there have been no posts in this blog for a while. There's no dramatic reason; I've simply felt a bit under the weather lately. Luckily, there's always the family to remind you of reasons to write more.

My brother does software art. Actually, he's quite adept with various sorts of artistic skills, but his most ambitious works tend to be computerised ones. Currently, he's working on what can very well be described as "multimedia" (and not a single hyperlink in sight!), called Swarm. He graciously put a short sample online: here it is.

Swarm - One Minute Sample from Jussi M. Hukkanen on Vimeo.

As I understand, this is to be his artist's studies thesis. In case you can't tell, we're both lifelong aficionados of this "retro" thing that's very much in vogue today.

His earlier accomplishments include some highly efficient and modifiable code to create ASCII art (my favourite is a picture of his cat composed of the letters of a "typewritten" story). Even his charcoal works are sometimes based on computer-generated landscapes. Check it all out on his homepage (actually, the homepage of him and his partner, who's a talented artist in her own right and has a very personal style of her own).

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  1. You're much too kind. I feel ashamed for not posting a comment here before. This first version of Swarm was finished almost two years ago and it has seen no development whatsoever since then. However, I have got a couple of ideas for improving it, if I can only find the time. Maybe later this year. Or the next. Or something.